Facility Engineering

When it comes to Facility Engineering, Instrumentation, Maintainance, Construction, Fabrication and Calibration... Always Think Malserve Nigeria.

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Discover how we can help you get the best industry-leading intelligent measurement and testing equipment for all your engineering projects or process operations

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Our speciality is in the sales; electrical, electronics, mechanical, instrumentation, test and measurement equipment.
We also provide field instrumentation, engineering construction and offshore maintenance field services .
Engineering, Construction, Sales and Procurement, form core of our service delivery to every industry.


We specialize in Electrical/Electronic/Mechanical Instrumentation Engineering including Calibration, Repairs, Maintenance/Services, Construction, Integrity Tests, Sales & Procurement

Why Choose Us?

Safe & Timely Delivery

We always help you stay on schedule and assist you in crucial deadline situations when every minute counts! We possess the human and technical resources to provide prompt service in any situation.

Our Strategy


We consider quality as one of our strategic capabilities. For us, quality is a systemic way of doing business, an ideology we share with all customers. We only deal on high quality product representation.

Our Consideration

Reasonable Pricing

Our product or service prices provide the best total value when availability, delivery time, fitness for purpose, payment terms, quality and quantity matters most to you. Whatever your budget, we can help.

More Services

Instrument Calibration

When it comes to calibration of instruments, mechanical, electrical, electronics equipment and parts, Malserve has great wealth of experience you can leverage on.

Audit Inspection Services

Our audit inspection services are majorly for safety devices and system installation in areas like Lifting Services, Load Testing, UTM, Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and DPI.

Construction & Fabrication

Our Fabrication & Construction Services are based on a deep commitment to safety, quality of service, workmanship and professionalism for every client.

Why choose us

True Partner and Authorized Dealer
Dedicated Team
Industry and Global Know-How
Respect on the Client Needs
We Listen, We Discuss, We Advice
Years of Knowledge and Experience

Some of our core clients:

Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Power Plants Industry, Iron Ore & Steel Exploration & Production, Cement Plants Industry, Manufacturing Industries, Oil and Gas Industry, Oil and Gas Service Companies


At Malserve, we want to help you.

Let's help you in that your next equipment purchase, whether it's calibration equipment, inspection instruments, test and measurement equipment, or any most advanced and widest range of primary pressure standards and pressure calibration equipment.